Our History

About Bäckermann’s: Our Past, Present, and Future

by Samantha Yoder

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          Being a third-generation employee here at Bäckermann’s and a wannabe writer, I was asked to write an article “about Bäckermann’s”. I’ve decided to narrow it down to a couple of basic points: 1) how we got here, and 2) what we hope to accomplish.
            So, let’s talk history. In 1976 several Mennonite families from Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia moved into this area to plant a new church, Whiteville Mennonite. Most of the families were long-time dairy farmers. But a store seemed like a great way to connect with a new community, so in 1981 Backermann’s Mennonite Bakery began operation.
            Bäckermann’s, by the way, is not a family name. It’s a German word that translates “baker man” and reflects our German/Swiss heritage. Taking that and the fact that it’s a fairly unique name in North America, it’s no surprise that even though the store has changed hands several times, the name has stuck. It did eventually change to Backermann’s Bakery & Cheese Shoppe, and from that to its current title, Bäckermann’s Country Market.
            We are a family-owned-and-oriented business. Earl and Mary Yoder, the owners, are the first generation. Their son Mark is our manager; a couple of other employees are related by marriage. Mark’s wife and eight children (of which I am one) are all involved to some extent. We love families and would be delighted to serve yours!
            That brings me to what we hope to accomplish here. We don’t have grand plans for expanding the business; we’re happy if we can accommodate our customers. Our goal is to bless our community and serve our customers by offering a quality product, a pleasant environment, and superior customer service. We are in the process of establishing a small petting zoo for the enjoyment of our little customers. We welcome your feedback and any questions or suggestions you may have!
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Backermann’s Bakery is now called Bäckermann’s Country Market. Click here to return to our home page.

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