Backermann’s News

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Zoo Poo Is back!
Come get natural compost, straight from the farm, to help your plants grow! …
We are Open! On Labor Day
We hope to see you on September 4th! We will be here ready …
Announcement – Memorial Day
We will be open at 8am on Memorial day and close at 3pm.
Starting May 16th
Golden hours are here with 10 'til 10! Seniors over 55 will receive …
Mountains of Mulch!
We all know the benefits of a good mulch. Now you can get …

Closed – JULY 4th

As a non-political Christian citizens, we close, not to celebrate and party, but to thank our Good God for his provision and care.

We will have regular hours on July 3rd and 5th, so please join us in partaking in the wonderful provisions God has given us.

Thank you for being a loyal customer!