The Store

Bäckermann’s Store is made up largely of the following categories

Bulk Foods

-spices – candy – baking supplies – cooking staples

Jar Goods

pickled goods -salsas -honey butters – jams – jellies – preserves – local honey – molasses

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Frozen Foods

-locally grown and processed pork and beef – naturally raised chicken – homemade meals – frozen pies -appetizers

Healthcare Items

-homemade lye soaps by King’s Handmade Soaps – homemade goat milk soaps and lotions by Faith Farms – homemade natural remedies by A New Life Herbs -natural burn and wound salves – muscle rubs – good health tinctures –

Household Goods

kitchen utensils – sewing supplies – home decor


wooden signs – birdhouses and feeders – homemade brooms and mops – carpenter bee traps

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