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Announcement – Memorial Day
We will be open at 8am on Memorial day and close at 3pm.
Starting May 16th
Golden hours are here with 10 'til 10! Seniors over 55 will receive …
Mountains of Mulch!
We all know the benefits of a good mulch. Now you can get …
Hanging Flower Baskets
We have a a fresh batch of beautiful hanging baskets. Come on down …
New Arrivals! – Poly Lumber Furniture
We have a batch of newly arrived Poly Lumber Pieces that you are …

Bäckermann’s strives to use the best, healthiest products available. That’s why we use mostly Troyer Cheese products in our deli. We believe that our deli is as good or better than any in the area and our prices are hard to beat. Come check it out and let us know your opinion.

Bäckermann’s has a weekly special of $1.00lb off of a specified meat and cheese.

Bäckermann’s deli items


  • Turkey
    • smoked turkey
    • honey turkey
    • peppercorn turkey
    • cajun turkey
    • classic white turkey
    • turkey pastrami
  • Pork
    • southern smoked ham
    • off the bone honey ham
    • off the bone smoked ham
    • uncured smoked ham
    • virginia ham
    • smoked pork loin
  • Beef
    • roast beef
    • corned beef
  • Chicken
    • buffalo fried chicken
  • Bologna
    • german bologna
    • deluxe bologna
    • lebanon bologna
    • sweet lebanon bologna
  • Liver Cheese
    • Braunschweiger Roll


  • Swiss
    • baby swiss
    • swiss
  • Hot Cheese
    • hot pepper
    • lightning jack
    • pepper jack
    • habanero jalapeño
    • ghost pepper
    • scorpion cheddar
    • munster jalapeño
  • Traditional Cheese
    • colby
    • marble
    • american yellow
    • american white
    • muenster
    • mozzarella
    • provolone
    • farmers
  • Specialty Cheese
    • colby swiss swirl
    • green onion
    • bruschetta jack
    • premium butter
    • amish butter
  • Cheddar Cheese
    • mild
    • sharp
    • horseradish
    • garlic
    • black wax hoop
    • red wax hoop
  • Smoked Cheese
    • cheddar
    • swiss
    • hot pepper
    • bacon cheese

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